Resistive Touch Panel

Resistive Touch Panel is widely used in industry because of its resistance to noise generated by motors / generators in factories. So many control equipment (Factory Automation) that uses Resistive Touch Panel. Besides that, the Resistive touch panel can only detect 1 touch at a time (Single Touch). So now MTR (Multi Touch Resistive) has been developed which can detect 2 touches at any time.

Capacitive Touch Panel

Unlike the Resitive Touch Panel which must be pressed to activate it, the Capacitive Touch Panel is sufficiently touched with our fingers to activate it. Another advantage of Capacitive is multi-touch (can receive more than one touch at the same time). Capacitive touch panels are widely used for making Kiosk / Digital Signage.

Capacitive Technology

Capacitive Technology

How to activate the capacitive touch panel just enough to be touched (not pressed). This is because the capacitive touch panel works based on static electricity that is in our body. This type of Touch Panel is similar to the touch panel on mobile / tablet. Characteristics and advantages of Capacitive Touch Panel : 1. Multi touch capability from 2 to 10 touches at once 2. Sensitivity can be adjusted for glove use 3. Can be given an additional Glass Cover to increase the durability of the touch panel 4. Allows flat KIOSK / DIGITAL SIGNAGE design with bezel 5. Dirt and stains are easily removed 6. Available sizes of 5.7 inch to 32 inch 7. Available Controllers that are compatible with Windows OS, Linux and Android