Resistive Touch Panel

Resistive Touch Panel is widely used in industry because of its resistance to noise generated by motors / generators in factories. So many control equipment (Factory Automation) that uses Resistive Touch Panel. Besides that, the Resistive touch panel can only detect 1 touch at a time (Single Touch). So now MTR (Multi Touch Resistive) has been developed which can detect 2 touches at any time.

Capacitive Touch Panel

Unlike the Resitive Touch Panel which must be pressed to activate it, the Capacitive Touch Panel is sufficiently touched with our fingers to activate it. Another advantage of Capacitive is multi-touch (can receive more than one touch at the same time). Capacitive touch panels are widely used for making Kiosk / Digital Signage.

Anti-Reflection Film

Anti-Reflection Film

Anti-reflective film to reduce screen glare This optical film makes it easier to see screens that were difficult to see due to the reflection of glass and acrylic. When added to a display, it reduces reflections and glare from outside light. In addition to the Anti-Reflection (AR) function, which suppresses reflections with high anti-glare properties, the film's strength and resistance as a protective film protect the display well. Reduce the reflectivity using the reflective properties of outside light Anti-reflective films have a coating that reverses the phase of the light, so that the reflected light and the interfering opposing waves cancel each other out, reducing reflections. Alternating layers of materials with different refractive indices cause interference and reduce the reflectivity at a particular wavelength. Adopt Content Touch screen on the surveying instrument with camera for use in construction sites (outdoor). Small 3.8" LCD screen, requiring line drawing operations. Based on the standard resistive system of 3.8", a smaller than standard dot spacer between the upper ITO film and lower ITO glass was used to create a touch panel that is more compact than the standard one. Use. Light and smooth pen writing operation. The AR (Anti-reflection) film is applied to the screen to reduce the reflection of sunlight and improve visibility.