Resistive Touch Screen Features

Resistant to EMI(Noise), Avoid accidental & unintentional touch Various operation touch devices:(Fingers, gloves, stylus-pen, any…), Cost advantage

Capacitive Touch Screen (Projective capacitive) Features

High durability (Glass/Glass structure), Light touch operation((Smartphone-like), Multi-touch & Gesture operation, Design-rich (Flatness Transparent), Outdoor use (LCD protection from UV)

DFS Series

DFS Series

Thin glass, thin and light Projected Capacitive Touch Panel Series: Thin and light touch panels for medium to large size applications. Thinner but more durable This is a lightweight glass touch panel with two layers of thin glass, which is resistant to ultraviolet rays and has a high transmittance. 47% weight reduction Thin tempered glass is used to reduce the weight by 47% compared to the DUS-A series. (Compared to our products)

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