PT. DMC Teknologi Indonesia

DMC Teknologi Indonesia, PT

PT. DMC Teknologi Indonesia is a Japanese PMA which was established on June 11, 1996, is a subsidiary of DMC Co. Ltd. which is headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan and is part of the USCO Group corporation. PT. DMC Teknologi Indonesia started its business in Indonesia by producing electronic components in the form of membrane switches until 2003, when DMC Teknologi Indonesia switched and started production of touch screens (touch panels) at the Indonesian factory. The production of touch panels PT. The majority of Indonesian DMC Technology is exported to several countries, especially JAPAN, the Asian region (China, Taiwan, etc.), Europe and North America.

Company Name PT. DMC Teknologi Indonesia
Date of Establishment 11 Juni 1996
Manufacture Product Resistive & Capacitive touch panels
Production Capacity 220.000 pieces per month
Employee Size 1000 Employees On 2022

Japan Quality Standards

Material Incoming Inspection

All incoming material should pass incoming inspection based on Japan Inspection Standard and DMC Japan Standard

Visual Inspection

Conduct Visual Inspection on product follow Japanese Inspection Standard and DMC Standard both on line process and Outgoing Inspection

Electrical Inspection

Conduct Electrical Inspection on product follow Japanese Inspection Standard and DMC Standard both on line process and Outgoing Inspection


Before the touch panel product is sold to the market, a reliability test will be carried out on the product. So that the durability of the product is guaranteed.

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