Company Overview

PT. DMC Teknologi Indonesia is the only company that manufactures touch panels in Indonesia. Producing Resistive touch panels that are widely used for industry, including the Factory Automation industry. In the Factory Automation field, touch panels are used to create HMI (Human Machine Interface).

Japan Quality Standard

PT. DMC Teknologi Indonesia applies the Japanese Quality Standard system to maintain its quality. The inspection starts from the inspection of raw materials (incoming inspection). During the process an inspection was also carried out in the form of a visual inspection and electrical inspection (Denki Kensa).

DMC Teknologi Indonesia, PT

DMC Factory in Shirakawa, Fukushima Prefecture, JAPAN

DMC Teknologi Indonesia Factory in Cikarang, BEKASI


PT. DMC Teknologi Indonesia is a Japanese PMA which was established on June 11, 1996, is a subsidiary of DMC Co. Ltd. headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan and is part of the USCO Group corporation. PT. DMC Teknologi Indonesia started its business in Indonesia by producing electronic components in the form of membrane switches until 2003, where DMC Teknologi Indonesia switched and started production of touch screens in Indonesian factories. The results of the touch panel production of PT. DMC Technology Indonesia is the majority exported to several countries, especially JAPAN, the Asian region (China, Taiwan, etc.), Europe and North America.

Japan Quality Standards

Material Incoming Inspection

All incoming material should pass incoming inspection based on Japan Inspection Standard and DMC Japan Standard

Visual Inspection

Conduct Visual Inspection on product follow Japanese Inspection Standard and DMC Standard both on line process and Outgoing Inspection

Electrical Inspection

Conduct Electrical Inspection on product follow Japanese Inspection Standard and DMC Standard both on line process and Outgoing Inspection

DMC Co., Ltd.

Company Overview

Having 40% of our total production being exported to major countries in Europe, Asia and North America, shows that DMC touch screens have gained trust from customers around the world. DMC has achieved a high share in FA market. With a wide variety of standard products from 3.8 to 55 in., we offer customized DMC products and respond to requests to attach our touch screens to LCD provided by customers. For more than 20 years, DMC has supplied high-quality touch screens to the world from our factories in Japan and Indonesia.

Domestic and Overseas Offices

The Shirakawa Factory, Tokyo Office, Osaka Office, and Nagoya Office have acquired ISO certification for the design, manufacture, and sale of touch screens. The Indonesia Factory has also acquired ISO certification. All employees are aware of Quality and Environmental Policies, and follow the PDCA cycle established by each department to achieve individual action plans and improve operations.

DMC Business

DMC has provided touch screens to a wide range of markets focusing on industrial, medical and KIOSK markets since the early 1990s. The experience, technology, quality, and individualized support accumulated from the early stages of touch screen development have helped DMC maintain its position as the top manufacturer in the domestic industrial equipment market. We have also expanded our business to Europe and other overseas markets over the past 20 years, and our products have become very popular around the world. DMC has commercialized two major touch screen types, resistive and capacitive, to satisfy diverse customer needs.

Converting DMC Group strengths into possibilities

We connect people and IT through operation and display system design, and propose solutions by leveraging our strengths in system development to create more comfortable operation and display environments. USCO Group increases synergy within the Group by facilitating the sharing of professional technologies among group companies for the manufacture of attractive products. Coordinating and converting group strengths into possibilities - USCO Group strives to create better lifestyles for customers.

Usco Group

Contribute to the creation of a happy society by supporting the development of a dream company That is our mission

About Us

Usco Co., Ltd. was established to support the growth of a dream company. Society is constantly changing. In any environment, the purpose of our activities has not changed since the beginning. That is, to support the development of a company with dreams and to pursue the physical and mental well-being of the people who work with customers. We will continue to work together with our customers to create a brighter tomorrow through better service.

USCO Group

Usco Co., Ltd., as a holding company of group companies, supports the development of two businesses, automotive and electronics, through its management support business. In addition, we are strengthening the group through group supervision and business alliances with companies with a common vision.