Resistive Touch Panel

Resistive Touch Panel is widely used in industry because of its resistance to noise generated by motors / generators in factories. So many control equipment (Factory Automation) that uses Resistive Touch Panel. Besides that, the Resistive touch panel can only detect 1 touch at a time (Single Touch). So now MTR (Multi Touch Resistive) has been developed which can detect 2 touches at any time.

Capacitive Touch Panel

Unlike the Resitive Touch Panel which must be pressed to activate it, the Capacitive Touch Panel is sufficiently touched with our fingers to activate it. Another advantage of Capacitive is multi-touch (can receive more than one touch at the same time). Capacitive touch panels are widely used for making Kiosk / Digital Signage.

Assy TP & LCD

Assy TP & LCD

Our company accepts Touch Panel designs only or touch panels with LCD. In this case the LCD will be taken from another party (Supplier). Later the product that will be sent is a Touch panel that is already installed on the LCD. LCD can also be from the customer. So we will make a touch panel and attach it to the LCD. For those of you who want to make a similar tool that requires a touch panel / touch panel & LCD, don't hesitate to contact us. At that time we had made a prototype tool for AIS (Automatic Identification System) to be used for fishermen. At that time, 25 prototypes were made. The Touch panel design is specially made for this device.